Warnings and Errors

We try hard to avoid warnings and errors, but in some cases you might walk into some.

Failed Sync

The one that you might notice sometimes is the one indicated by a warning sign close to a service that had problems while synching. To see the full error message you will need to show the info of that entry by selecting the entry and then click again, or by selecting Show Info from the context menu. A pop over will apper with the full info written in yellow.

Usually this is an error that will just occur once for example if the internet connection or the service was broken or if the service, like Pinboard, has short timeouts.

Empty Result List

If you get an empty result list this might be because:

  1. You have no favorite entries in your service? Please remember, it is all about favorites and Favs does not fetch all entries!
  2. Sync failed
  3. You still have an active filter which does not match any article of your currently selected service


In case of a crash you will be asked upon the next app start to send the Crash Report to Favs (Dirk Holtwick). If you do so this will help us a lot to track down the error and improve the Favs app. You might also be asked to send the Crash Report to Apple, but this one will never reach us in time, so it is okay to skip that.

But of course we hope you will never have to get in contact with errors at all :)